Fort Issimo

One woman's blog about the adventures of learning a musical instrument at an age closer to the end than the beginning

Sunday, April 30, 2006


Hello and welcome.

My name is Irene and I am thirty seven years old. Way too old, by some standards, to begin learning to play a musical instrument. It's the maxim 'you can't each an old dog new tricks", I suppose. I like to keep in mind that Socrates learned to play the lyre at the age of 42. I also like to think it will be both fun and frustrating.

Unlike Socrates, the gods did not tell me to learn about harmonies. Rather, I have always wanted to play an instrument but the opportunity never presented itself. I will be learning the acoustic guitar. I like the way guitar sounds, but it's chief attribute is that it is more portable than a piano. It's hard to fit a baby grand into the car for a weekend trip. It doesn't leave much room for passengers.

I decided to blog about the experience mainly to keep track of my own progress. I don't have access to a good teacher where I live. Most of the instruction will be done online, or with books. I hope to find a teacher at some point in the future. Right now, it's purely trial and error. With more emphasis on trial than error, I hope.

I have no illusions about becoming some sort of guitar guru, I want to have fun and learn enough to make something approximating music. I believe that music is an essential part of life. I have never met anyone who doesn't listen to or enjoy some type of music. In fact, music is one thing that every culture in the world possesses. All societies have some form of musical expression. I want to join in on the fun and learn to make it, not just listen to it.

So, here I go.

See you next week,